Necta is...

...a platform that facilitates better connections between businesses and attendees to any event.

Why use Necta?
Only download one app and tailor your experience.
Gain access to multiple events in any location and area of interest.
With your own unique QR code, create digital handshakes wherever you go and never forget another interaction again.
Just imagine only needing one free app for every expo, event, conference, or even your weekend market you go to?
Not downloading multiple apps for every one you attend.
Not having to add to a pile of flyers each time you see something you like.
Never forget an engagement.
Never miss out on what’s important to you.
Never let that special of a lifetime slip on by.
Necta will connect you to your next great opportunity!

What can Necta do for You?


Gain deeper insight to visitor/attendee interactions driving more informed sales and marketing efforts.
Attendees can schedule meetings with each other, follow more influential attendees and secure seats in break-away sessions.
Gain exposure to visitors/attendees of other events on the platform.
Drive engagement pre and post event, again leveraging the insights gained.


Gain an automated qualified database of leads from the event, through visitors scanning their unique
QR codes and expressing their level of interest
-i.e. ‘keep me in the loop (mailer)’ or ‘call me next week for my order.’
Engagements can be further contextualized by
offering the ‘note to supplier’ and ‘note to self’ functionality post scan.
Necta offers the ability for exhibitors/vendors to publish specials and run competitions.

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